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Gopeed (full name Go Speed) is a high-speed downloader developed by Golang + Flutter, which supports (HTTP, BitTorrent, Magnet) protocol download, and supports all platforms, including:

  • Windows
  • Macos
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • Docker
  • Command Tool


As a modern downloader, Gopeed has many features, here is a brief introduction.


  • Support HTTP & HTTPS
  • Support BitTorrent & Magnet
  • Seed, DHT, PEX, uTP, Webtorrent, Upnp
  • Update tracker list every day automatically
  • Internationalization
  • Dark mode


In addition to basic download functions, there are many advanced features that make Gopeed more playable.

  • Open HTTP API

    Through the RESTFul API, you can easily interact with Gopeed, for example, you can control Gopeed's download, pause, delete, etc. through the API.

  • Decentralized extension

    You can write extensions through JavaScript to enhance Gopeed's download capabilities, such as downloading videos from a website, or downloading music from a website, etc.

Why not...?

Here is a comparison with popular downloaders on the market, which shows the advantages of Gopeed intuitively.

Cross-platform support✔️❌ (only desktop platforms)❌ (only Windows)
Open source✔️✔️
Open API✔️✔️
Extension support✔️

Of course, Gopeed may also have many shortcomings, but we will continue to improve it.

Moreover, Gopeed is open source, you can propose your ideas anytime, anywhere, or directly contribute code to make Gopeed better.